Hall Facilities

The village hall building is essentially a single main hall with a raised stage at one end.

There is also, at basement level below the main hall, a meeting room and a kitchen.  

All main areas have central heating.

Toilet facilities are available including a disabled toilet, readily accessible from the

main hall, at the front of the building.

The hall is licensed for public entertainment and has a maximum capacity

under this licence for 96 people.

Main Hall with stage

The Main Hall is 12 metres long by 6.3 metres wide and has a wood block floor finish.

There are standard 13 amp power sockets along one side of the hall.

The hall is lit by LED lighting.  

The stage has a general depth of 3.15 metres and is 3 metres wide across the opening to the main hall.   Basic stage lighting has been installed and there are power sockets around the stage area.

While the hall has a seating capacity approaching the maximum allowed under its licence the practical capacity for any function will depend upon the activity intended.  


Meeting Room

The meeting room in the basement is 5.35 metres long by 3.7 metres wide.



The kitchen, next to the meeting room, has a gas cooker, a small fridge, a microwave oven and two stainless steel sinks.    Formica-finished worktops are provided along one side of kitchen. There is also a small hand washbasin.


Tables and Chairs

The hall is equipped with stackable chairs and collapsible lightweight laminate-topped tables.  

The tables available are: -

15 Large Tables measuring 1830mm x 685mm.

14 Small Tables measuring 915mm x 685mm.

Main Hall From Stage Main Hall From Entrance

Main Hall From The Stage

Main Hall From The Entrance