AGM Minutes

Lelant Village Hall


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on

13 April 2018 commencing at 19.00


1.Welcome and Apologies

The Secretary, Tony Harris, welcomed attendees to the meeting. Apologies for absence were received from James Douglas, Barbara Douglas, Jean Gomm, Richard Machell, Janet Biggs and Keith Judkins.

Attendance was in accordance with the attached list of attendees.


2.Minutes of the previous AGM

The meeting considered the minutes of the previous AGM held on 7 April 2017. It was moved that these be accepted and this was seconded and duly RESOLVED.


3.Chairman’s Report

In the absence of the Chairman, the Secretary, Tony Harris gave the annual report to the AGM. He mentioned the various ways in which the village hall attempted to publicise and promote its activities via the village newsletter, posters, Contact magazine and The Cornishman, as well as occasional pieces in local newspapers, and thanked the sponsors of the previous year’s newsletter, as well as the team of newsletter deliverers to every home in the village.

Tony then outlined the many maintenance activities and facility improvements which had taken place during the year which had cost a lot of money and reduced the current account balance significantly, which would need to be built up again. These included:


-the replacement of the 2 flat roofs above the lower corridor and adjacent to the ladies toilets

-repair of a section of the rear scantle roof

-replacement of the stage side window

-redecoration of the rear external area

-clearance of shrubbery to the rear area

-redecoration of the front lobby

-redecoration of the main hall and ceiling

-cleaning of the main hall  curtains

-provision of a new projector screen

-negotiation of a 5 year energy supply contract


Tony then mentioned the imminence of the replacement of main hall lighting with LED units, and the need during the coming year to replace the boiler and upgrade boiler capacity to extend heating to front areas, and the need to refurbish the ladies toilet and to replace the main hall floor.

He mentioned the excellent work of the cleaning service provider, Sam, who had improved cleaning standards.


Tony then gave a brief review of activities during the year which included:


-Regular uses and activities by user groups

-The Beatles’ Song Book

-Annual Cream Tea at the village hall

-Lelant Village Fayre at the Watermill Inn

-Harvest Supper and Quiz

-The Sinatra Tour

-Some Like it Hot

-Flats and Sharps

-Xmas Fayre

-The Grace Notes

-Wine Tasting with Cheese Evening, hosted by Scarlett Wines

-Defibrillator Training Sessions

-Lelant Antiques Roadshow


Tony went on to outline imminent events which included the Village Fayre in May, the Secret Gardens of Lelant in June 2018, and the Summer Cream Tea in July/August.

He thanked the regular user groups and all villagers who attended any of the events and activities as well as Carn to Cove, who supported the rural arts programme in Cornwall, and expressed a hope that Cornwall Council would continue to support this organisation. He also thanked the village hall’s partner bodies and their representatives on the hall committee and the work of the Xmas Lights Committee, as well as The Badger inn for their role as Box Office for ticket sales and to Pam Juckes for ticket printing.


Tony then went on to thank committee members who had worked hard during the year to support the hall and its activities. He thanked the partner organisation representatives and individual elected members for their support and contributions, and then thanked each of the officers for their work during the year.


Kevin Percival then proposed a vote of thanks to Tony for his continued efforts which was supported by the meeting.


4.Treasurer’s Report

Linda Taylor presented the accounts for the year 1 January to 31 December 2017. She reported that the accounts had been examined by Peter Jackson, who had given them a clean bill of health. John Simmons observed that the core operational expenditure cost requirement to run the hall had not changed much in the last 10 years or so, which was creditable, given inflationary pressures. However he had seen a marked increase in income brought about by a rich and diverse programme of events. No other questions or comments were put and the accounts were duly accepted.


5.Appointment of Examiner of the Accounts for 2018

It was moved by Doug Blackmore and seconded by Jose Harris that the accounts be examined for 2018 by Peter Jackson. Upon being put to the vote, the motion was duly RESOLVED.



6.Election of members for the year 2018/19

Tony Harris, Committee Secretary, presented his report on the election of members. Tony outlined the constitution’s provision for the election of members.

It was moved that those committee members currently serving on the committee be re-elected en bloc. Those members were Barbara Douglas, James Douglas, Jean Gomm, Karen Johns, Tony Harris, Sheila Percival, John Simmons, and Jayne Wignall. This was duly seconded and upon being put to the vote the motions was duly RESOLVED.

It was then moved that the current co-opted member, Linda Taylor, be elected to the committee. This was duly seconded and upon being put to the vote the motion was RESOLVED.

Mary Judkins explained, in relation to the representative bodies that the current representational arrangement for St Uny school was out of date since the school became an Academy, and that she was in fact part of the school’s new governance  arrangements and would be willing to represent the school on the hall committee. Tony agreed to discuss this with Mary after the meeting.


7.Open Discussion

Jo Walden asked if the LVH website could be updated, following comments she had received from villagers relating to our virtual presence being outdated and in poor order. Tony explained that the hall committee was on the search for someone to assume this role on behalf of the committee. A local resident said she would like to see what this entails and Tony agreed to discuss this with her.

Andrew Hicks gave an outline of fundraising and improvement schemes for St Uny Church.

There being no further comment, Tony declared the meting closed at 19.53


List of attendees supported by the attendance register circulated at the meeting.

Maxwell Adams

Pat Adams

Doug Blackmore

Peter Jackson

Karen Johns

Pam Juckes

Phil Judge

Ruth Judge

Mary Judkins

Jose Harris

Tony Harris

Andrew Hicks

Anne Hicks

Kevin Percival

Sheila Percival

John Simmons

Linda Taylor

Jo Walden

Tony Walden

Jayne Wignall

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